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The Homebrewers Answer Book

The Homebrewers Answer Book

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Homebrewing what hobby could possibly be more rewarding than the one that, in a matter of weeks, yields fresh beer for the happy brewer? Its hard to beat that kind of payoff. Brewing beer is fun, but it's also a demanding process, requiring proper equipment, impeccable sanitation, a basic understanding of the chemical processes involved, and the patience to troubleshoot flavors and aromas that aren't quite right. No matter how experienced the beer maker, questions and problems can develop with every new batch of beer.Master brewer Ashton Lewis has seen and resolved hundreds of brewing problems and answered thousands of questions from amateur brewers as Brew Your Own magazine's Mr. Wizard. From simple queries on getting started (Are lagers and ales made differently?) to discussions on the niceties of foam (How can I improve head retention?), Lewis provides the answers that homebrewers need.

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