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Bible Books

Bible Biblical Nonsense
Bible Criticism of the Biblical Account of Creation
Bible Encyclopaedia Biblica
Bible Erotica in the Bible
Bible Ethics & Morality
Bible Folklore, Myths & Legends in the Bible
Bible Forged
Bible Historical Difficulties
Bible Lost Scriptures, Apocrypha
Bible Origins & Historicity of the Bible
Bible The 4th Gospel
Bible The Dead Sea Scrolls
Bible The New Testament
Bible The Old Testament
Bible The Septuagint
Bible The Uncanonical Gospels & Scriptures
The Controversy of the Wine Question in the Bible

Bible Biblical Nonsense

Aaron - Biblical Ambiguities; Metaphor, Semantics and Divine Imagery (2001)
Davis - Shifting Sands; The Rise and Fall of Biblical Archaeology (2004)
Ellis - The Bible vs. Tradition (1853)
Exum - Descriptionted, Shot and Painted; Cultural Representations of Biblical Women (1996)
Graves & Patai - Hebrew Myths; The Book of Genesis (2005)
Holladay - A Critical Introduction to the New Testament; Interpreting the Message and Meaning of Jesus Christ (2005)
Kyle - The Deciding Voice of the Monuments in Biblical Criticism (1912)
Long - Biblical Nonsense; A Review of the Bible for Doubting Christians (2005)
Reed - Dialogues of the Word; The Bible as Literature According to Bakhtin (1993)
Reventlow & Farmer - Biblical Studies and the Shifting of Paradigms (1995)
Tov - Scribal Practices and Approaches Reflected in the Texts Found in the Judean Desert (2004)
Tov - Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (2001)
Wasserstein - The Legend of the Septuagint; From Classical Antiquity to Today (2006)

Bible Criticism of the Biblical Account of Creation

Ancient Civilizations
Geology, Archeology and Age of Earth
Proponents of the Biblical Account of Creation
1- Creation Crisis_Why Young Earth Creationists Could Become Atheists
10- Origin Views Comparison Chart
11- Macdougall - Nature's Clocks_How Scientists Measure the Age of Everything
12- Hill - The Noachian Flood, Universal or Local
13- Elliot - Moses and Modern Science
14- Denton - The Irreconcilable Record or Genesis and Geology
15- Radau - The Creation-Story of Genesis I, A Sumerian Theogony and Cosmogony
16- Yahya - The Creation of the Universe
2- Mills - Science Shams & Bible Bloopers
3- York - In Search of Lost Time
4- Clark & Clark - Measuring the Cosmos
5- Drees - Creation from Nothing Until Now
6- Morton - Why I Left Young Earth Creationism
7- Benton - The History of Life
8- Gamow - The Creation of the Universe (1955)
9- Lincoln - Understanding the Universe

Ancient Civilizations

1- Knight - Ancient Civilizations RL. Vol. 1. Almanac
2- Knight - Ancient Civilizations RL. Vol. 2. Almanac
3- Knight - Ancient Civilizations RL. Vol. 3. Biographies
4- Knight - Ancient Civilizations RL. Vol. 4. Cumulative Index
5- Rice - Egypt's Making
6- Harper - Ancient Rrecords of Egypt_vol1
7- Adams - Prehistoric Mesoamerica
8- Joseph - Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America

Geology, Archeology and Age of Earth

1- Wikipedia - Age of Earth
2- Jackson - The Chronologers' Quest_In Search for the Age of Earth
3- Kolbl-Ebert - Geology and Religion
4- Huggett - The Natural History of Earth
5- Allegre - Isotope Geology
6- Fagan - Archaeologists Explorers of the Human Past
7- O'Brien & Lyman - Seriation, Stratigraphy and Index Fossils ~ The Backbone of Archaeological Dating
8- Wikipedia - List of Human Fossils

Proponents of the Biblical Account of Creation

1- Wikipedia - Young Earth Creationism
10- Henry - An Old Earth is Heart of Evolution (CRS)
11- Mortenson - Why Christians Should Not Accept Old Universe
12- Morris - Did Noah's Flood Cover the Whole Earth (ICR)
13- Morris - The Global Flood of Noah's Day (ICR)
14- Why Christian Should Gelieve in Universal Flood
15- Weston - La Brea Tar Pits_Evidence of a Catastrophic Flood
2- Age of the Earth_101 Evidences of Young Earth
3- Biblical Chronogenealogies
4- Old Earth or Young Earth Belief
5- Barnes - Young Age for Moon and Earth (ICR)
6- Morris - The Literal Week of Creation (ICR)
7- Stambaugh - The Meaning of Day in Genesis (ICR)
8- Snelling - Radioisotopes Dating of the Grand Canyon Rocks (ICR)
9- Morris - Old-Earth Creationism (ICR)

Bible Encyclopaedia Biblica

Cheyne & Black (Ed.) - Encyclopaedia Biblica; a Critical Dictionary .. of the Bible, Vol. I, A to D (1899)
Cheyne & Black (Ed.) - Encyclopaedia Biblica; a Critical Dictionary .. of the Bible, Vol. II, E to K (1903)
Cheyne & Black (Ed.) - Encyclopaedia Biblica; a Critical Dictionary .. of the Bible, Vol. III, L to P (1902)
Cheyne & Black (Ed.) - Encyclopaedia Biblica; a Critical Dictionary .. of the Bible, Vol. IV, Q to Z (1903)

Bible Erotica in the Bible

Besant - Is the Bible Indictable; An Enquiry whether the Bible is Obscene Literature (1877)
Buss - Biblical Form Criticism in Its Context (1999)
Camp - Wise, Strange and Holy; The Strange Woman and the Making of the Bible (2000)
Carr - The Erotic Word; Sexuality, Spirituality and the Bible (2003)
Davies - Whose Bible is it Anyway (1995)
Ellens - Sex in the Bible; A New Consideration (2006)
Exum - Fragmented Women; Feminist (Sub)versions of Biblical Narratives (1993)
Goodwin - Lovers Three Thousand Years Ago as Indicated by the Song of Solomon (1895)
Greene-McCreight - Feminist Reconstructions of Christian Doctrine; Narrative Analysis and Appraisal (2000)
Handley - A Declaration on Biblical Criticism by 1725 Clergy of the Anglican Communion (1906)
Harris - Sex, Ideology and Religion; The Representation of Women in the Bible (1984)
Hawkins & Stahlberg - Scrolls of Love; Reading Ruth and the Song of Songs (2006)
Kaltner - The Uncensored Bible; The Bawdy and Naughty Bits of the Good Book (2008)
Kamionkowski - Gender Reversal and Cosmic Chaos; A Study on the Book of Ezekiel (2003)
Moughtin-Mumby - Sexual and Marital Metaphors in Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel (2008)
Newman - Biblical Religion and Family Values; A Problem in the Philosophy of Culture (2001)
Odell - Ezekiel; A Smyth and Helwys Bible Commentary (2005)
Stiebert - Construction of Shame in the Hebrew Bible (2002)
The Blackwell Companion to the New Testament (2010)
Thompson - Writing the Wrongs; Women of the Old Testament among Biblical Commentators from Philo through the Reformation (2001)

Bible Ethics & Morality

Benedix - Subverting Scriptures; Critical Reflections on the Use of the Bible (2009)
Besant - Freethinkers Textbook, Part II; Christianity, Its Evidence, Origin, Morality & History (1889)
Bonner - Christianity and Conduct (1919)
Daly - When Slavery was Called Freedom; Evangelicalism, Proslavery, and the Causes of the Civil War (2002)
Daschke & Kille (eds.) - A Cry Instead of Justice; The Bible and Cultures of Violence in Psychological Perspective (2010)
Dell - Ethical and Unethical in the Old Testament; God and Humans in Dialogue (2010)
Engelke - A Problem of Presence; Beyond Scripture in an African Church (2007)
Fiala - What would Jesus Really Do; The Power and Limits of Jesus' Moral Teachings (2007)
Fox - The Ethics and Theology of the Old Testament (1918)
Gill (ed.) - The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics (2001)
Graham - The Contrast; The Bible and Abolitionism (1844)
Green - The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible (1979)
Hoose (ed.) - Christian Ethics; An Introduction (1998)
Ingersoll - Some Mistakes of Moses, 10th ed. (1889)
Lecky - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne, Vol. I, 3rd ed. (1917)
Lecky - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne, Vol. II, 3rd ed. (1917)
Mangasarian - Is the Morality of Jesus Sound (1859)
Paddison - Scripture; A Very Theological Proposal (2009)
Raboteau - Slave Religion; The Invisible Institution in the Antebellum South (2004)
Raphall - Bible View of Slavery (1861)
Rauchenbush - Christianity and Social Crisis in the 21st Century (2007)
Ruether - Christianity and Social Systems; Historical Constructions and Ethical Challenges (2009)
Sadler - Can a Cushite Change His Skin (2005)
Schaff - Slavery and the Bible; A Tract for the Times (1861)
Siker - Scripture and Ethics; Twentieth-Century Portraits (1997)
Spong - Here I Stand; My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love, and Equality (2000)
Watts - Bible Morality (

Bible Folklore, Myths & Legends in the Bible

1- Frazer - Folklore in the Old Testament - Vol I (1919)
10- Pinches - The Old Testament in the Light of Legends of Assyria and Babylonia (1908)
11- Baring-Gould - Legends of Patriarchs and Prophets (1881)
12- Cameron & Miller - Redescribing Christian Origins (2004)
2- Frazer - Folklore in the Old Testament - Vol II (1919)
3- Frazer - Folklore in the Old Testament - Vol III (1919)
4- Frye & Macpherson - Biblical and Classical Myths; The Mythological Framework of Western Culture (2004)
5- Leatherbee - The Christian Mythology (1915)
6- Robertson - Christianity and Mythology (1910)
7- May - The Miracles and Myths of the New Testament (1908)
8- Ladd - Commentaries on Hebrew and Christian Mythology (1896)
9- Doane - Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions (1882)

Bible Forged

Ehrman - Forged; Writing in the Name of God (AudioBook, 2011)
Broyles - The Conflict of Faith and Experience in the Psalms; A Form-Critical and Theological Study (1988)
Clines - What does Eve Do to Help, and Other Readerly Questions to the Old Testament (1990)
Coogan - The Old Testament; A Very Short Introduction (2008)
Duggan & Pippin - Mother Goose, Mother Jones, Mommie Dearest; Biblical Mothers and their Children (2009)
Krans - Beyond what is Written; Erasmus and Beza as Conjectural Critics of the New Testament (2006)
Metzger - The Early Versions of the New Testament; Their Origin, Transmission, and Limitations (1977)
Scorgie - The Challenge of Bible Translation; Communicating God's Word to the World (2003)
Strelan - Luke the Priest; The Authority of the Author of the Third Gospel (2008)
Wrede - The Origin of the New Testament (1909)

Ehrman - Forged; Writing in the Name of God (AudioBook, 2011)


Bible Historical Difficulties

Banks - Writing the History of Israel (2006)
Barr - History and Ideology in the Old Testament; Biblical Studies at the End of a Millennium (2000)
Bartlett (Ed.) - Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation (1997)
Chavalas & Younger (Ed.) - Mesopotamia and the Bible; Comparative Explorations (2002)
Edelman (Ed.) - The Fabric of History; Text, Artifact and Israel's Past (1991)
Golden - Ancient Canaan and Israel; New Perspectives (2004)
Henry - Synchronized Chronology; Rethinking Middle East Antiquity (2003)
Malamat - History of Biblical Israel; Major Problems and Minor Issues (2001)
Moreland (Ed.) - Between Text and Artifact; Integrating Archaeology in Biblical Studies Teaching (2003)
Rogerson & Lieu (Ed.) - The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies (2006)
Studia Biblica - Essays on Biblical Archaeology and Criticism (1885)
Sweeney - The Genesis of Israel and Egypt (2008)
The Four Gospels as Historical Records (1895)
Watzman - Archeology vs. the Bible (2000)
Wellhausen - Prolegomena to the History of Israel (1885)
Wellhausen - Sketch of the History of Israel and Judah (1891)

Bible Lost Scriptures, Apocrypha

Baring-Gould - The Lost and Hostile Gospels (1874)
Beattie & McNamara (eds.) - The Aramic Bible; Targums in their Historical Context (1994)
Charles - The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Vol I, Apocrypha (1913)
Charles - The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Vol II, Pseudepigrapha (1913)
Charlesworth - The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha & the New Testament; Prolegomena for the Study of Christian Origins (1998)
Davies & Edelman (Ed.) - The Historian and the Bible; Essays in Honour of Lest L. Grabbe (2010)
Eadie - The English Bible; an External and Critical History of the Various English Translations of Scripture, Vol. I (1876)
Eadie - The English Bible; an External and Critical History of the Various English Translations of Scripture, Vol. II (1876)
Ehrman - Lost Scriptures; Books That Did Not Make It into the New Testament (2003)
Hull - The Story of the New Testament Text; Movers, Materials, Motives, Methods, and Models (2010)
Issaverdens - The Uncanonical Writings of the Old Testaments Found in the Armenian MSS. Of the Library of St. Lazarus (1901)
James - The Lost Apocrypha of the Old Testament (1920)
Nickelsburg - Jewish Literature between the Bible and the Mishnah; a Historical and Literary Introduction (2005)
Papovic (Ed.) - Authoritative Scriptures in Ancient Judaism (2010)
Pryse - The Restored New Testament, 2nd ed. (1916)
Rajak - Translation and Survival; the Greek Bible of the Ancient Jewish Diaspora (2009)
Stone (Eds.) - Noah and his Books (2010)
Voitila & Jokiranta (Eds.) - Scripture in Transition; Essays on Septuagint, Hebrew Bible, and Dead Sea Scrolls (2008)
Weitzman - The Syriac Version of the Old Testament; an Introduction (1999)

Bible Origins & Historicity of the Bible

Akenson - Surpassing Wonder; The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds (1998)
Callahan - Secret Origins of the Bible (2002)
Cline - Biblical Archaeology; A Very Short Introduction (2009)
Ehrman - Misquoting Jesus; The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why (2005)
Finkelstein & Mazar - The Quest For The Historical Israel; Debating Archaeology and the History of Early Israel (2007)
Finkelstein & Silberman - The Bible Unearthed; Archeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origins of Its Sacred Texts (2001)
Friedman - Who Wrote the Bible (1996)
Garbini - Myth and History in the Bible (2003)
Rogers - Bible Folk-lore; A Study in Comparative Mythology (1884)
Schniedewind - How the Bible Became a Book; The Textualization of Ancient Israel (2004)
Sheldon - The Mystery Religions and the New Testament (1918)
Uro - Thomas; Seeking the Historical Context of the Gospel of Thomas (2003)
van der Toorn - Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible (2007)

Bible The 4th Gospel

Barrera - The Jewish Bible and The Christian Bible; An Introduction to the History of the Bible (1998)
Brodie - The Quest for the Origin of John's Gospel; A Source-Oriented Approach (1993)
Calvert-Koyzis - Strangely Familiar; Protofeminist Interpretations of Patriarchal Biblical Texts (2009)
Clarke - The Fourth Gospel; The Questions of its Origin Stated and Discussed (1886)
Dunderberg - The Beloved Disciple in Conflict; Revisiting the Gospels of John and Thomas (2006)
Gregory & Tuckett - The Reception of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers (2005)
Jackson - The Problem of the Fourth Gospel (1918)
Mangasarian - The Bible Unveiled (1911)
Mazur - Bible Stories; A Sociologist Looks at Implausible Beliefs in Genesis (, 2007)
Pelikan - Whose Bible is it; A History of the Scriptures through the Ages (2005)
Reventlow & Hoffman - Creation in Jewish Christian Tradition (2002)
Richey - Roman Imperial Ideology and the Gospel of John (2007)
Richmond - The Gospel of the Rejection; A Study in the Relation of the Fourth Gospel to the Three (1906)
Ruprecht - This Tragic Gospel; How John Corrupted the Heart of Christianity (2008)
Sanday - The Criticism of the Fourth Gospel (1905)
Sense - A Free Inquiry into the Origin of the Fourth Gospel (1899)
Stanton - Jesus and Gospel (2004)
Thatcher - What we Have Heard from the Beginning The Past, Present, and Future of Johannine Studies (2007)
Vaganay - An Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism (1991)
Whybray - The Making of the Pentateuch; A Methodological Study (1994)

Bible The Dead Sea Scrolls

Campbell - Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2nd ed. (2002)
Charlesworth (Ed.) - The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Vols. 1-3 (2006)
Clements & Sharon - The Orion Center Bibliography of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature 2000-2006 (2007)
Cryer & Thompson (Eds.) - Qumran between the Old and New Testaments (1998)
Ego (Eds.) - Biblia Qumranica; Minor Prophets (2005)
Elledge - The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2005)
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls (2000)
Evans & Flint (Ed.) - Eschatology, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (1997)
Fitzmyer - The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins (2000)
Flint (Ed.) - The Bible at Qumran; Text, Shape, and Interpretation (2001)
Knohl - The Messiah before Jesus; the Suffering Servant of the Dead Sea Scrolls (2000)
Lange (Ed.) - The Dead Sea Scrolls in Context (2011)
Lim - The Dead Sea Scrolls; a Very Short Introduction (2005)
Machiela - The Dead Sea Genesis Apocryphon (2009)
Martinez & Popovic (Eds.) - Defining Identities; We, You, and the Other in the Dead Sea Scrolls (2008)
Martinez & Tigchelaar (Eds.) - The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition, 2e (1999)
Peters - Noah Traditions in the Dead Sea Scrolls; Conversations and Controversies of Antiquity (2008)
Roitman (Ed.) - The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture; Proc. of the Int. Conf., Jerusalem, 2008 (2011)
Shanks (Ed.) - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls; a Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review (1992)
Vermes - The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, revised edition (2004)
Vermes - The Story of the Scrolls; the Miraculous Discovery and True Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls (2010)
Washburn - A Catalog of Biblical Passages in The Dead Sea Scrolls (2003)

Bible The New Testament

1- Zenos - The Elements of Higher Criticism
10- Hitchcock - The Present Controversy of Gospel Miracles
11- Petrie - Growth of the Gospels
12- Sanday - Criticism of the Fourth Gospel
13- Martin - Life of Jesus in Light of Higher Criticism
14- Hull - Our Bible, Who Wrote It
2- Balmforth - The New Testament in Light of Higher Criticism
3- Conybeare - History of New Testament Criticism
4- Reuss - History of Sacred Scriptures of New Testament-Vol1
5- Reuss - History of Sacred Scriptures of New Testament-Vol2
6- Waite - History of Christian Religion to Year 200
7- Kenyon - Handbook to Textual Criticism of the New Testament
8- Vincent - History of Textual Criticism of the New Testament
9- Wright - Composition of the Four Gospels

Bible The Old Testament

1- Wikipedia - Higher Criticism
10- Kuenen - The Religion of Israel - Vol2
11- Norton - Pentateuch and Its Relation to Jewish & Christian Dispensation
12- Curtiss - Levitical Priests - Criticism of the Pentateuch
13- Balmforth - Bible from Stand Point of Higher Criticism - Old Testament
14- Gardiner - Errors of the Scriptures
15 -Mirabello - Crimes of Jehovah
2- Newman - History of Higher Criticism
3- Colenso - The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined - Part1
4- Colenso - The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined - Part2
5- Colenso - The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined - Part3
6- Colenso - The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined - Part4
7- Colenso - The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined - Part5
8- Kuenen - The Religion of Israel - Vol1
9- Kuenen - The Religion of Israel - Vol3

Bible The Septuagint

Baer - When We All Go Home; Translation and Theology in LXX Isaiah 56-66 (2001)
Collins - The Library of Alexandria & the Bible in Greek (2000)
Cook (ed.) - Septuagint and Reception; Essays Prepared for the Association for the Study of the Septuagint in South Africa (2009)
Dines - The Septuagint (2004)
Dorothy - The Books of Esther; Structure, Genre and Textual Integrity (1997)
Flecker - Scripture Onomatology; Being Critical Notes on the Septuagint and Other Versions (1883)
Gordon - Hebrew Bible and Ancient Versions; Selected Essays of Robert P. Gordon (2006)
Johnson - Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identities (2004)
Kennedy - Sources of New Testament Greek, or the Influence of the Septuagint on the Vocabulary of the New Testament (1895)
Keulen - Two Versions of the Solomon Narrative; an Inquiry into the Relationship between MT 1 Kgs. 2-11 and LXX 3 Reg. 2-11 (2005)
Marcos - The Septuagint in Context; Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible (2000)
Meadowcroft - Aramaic Daniel and Greek Daniel; a Literary Comparison (1995)
Metzger - A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (1994)
Metzger - Manuscripts of the Greek Bible (1981)
Metzger - The Bible in Translation; Ancient and English Versions (2001)
Pietersma & Wright (ed.) - A New English Translation of the Septuagint (2007)
Schenker (ed.) - The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible (2003)
Thackeray - The Septuagint and Jewish Worship; a Study in Origins (1921)
Tov - The Greek and Hebrew Bible; Collected Essays on the Septuagint (1999)
Veltri - Libraries, Translations, and ‘Canonic' Texts; the Septuagint, Aquila and Ben Sira in the Jewish and Christian Traditions (2006)

Bible The Uncanonical Gospels & Scriptures

1- Foster - The Apocryphal Gospels; A Very Short Introduction (2009)
10- Mack - The Lost Gospel; The Book of Q & Christian Origins (1993)
11- Hartin - James and the Q Sayings of Jesus (1991)
12- Barnstone & Meyer - The Gnostic Bible (2003)
13- Pagels - The Gnostic Gospels (1979)
14- Robinson - The Nag Hammadi Library
15- Oesterley - An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha (1935)
16- Ferrar - The Uncanonical Jewish Books (1918)
17- Dawud - Muhammad in the Bible (1928, 1987)
2- Ehrman - Lost Christianities; The Battle for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew (2003)
3- Schneemelcher - New Testament Apocrypha; I- Gospel and Related Writings (1991)
4- Schneemelcher - New Testament Apocrypha; II- Writings Relating to the Apostles (1992)
5- Ehrman - The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot (2006)
6- Meyer - Judas; The Definitive Collection of Gospels and Legends about the Infamous Apostle of Jesus (2007)
7- Valantasis - The Gospel of Thomas (1997)
8- Lonsdale & Ragg - The Gospel of Barnabas (1907)
9- Tuckett - The Gospel of Mary (2007)

The Controversy of the Wine Question in the Bible

Alcohol, Wine and the Bible_A Common Sense View
Alcohol-What the Bible Really Says (Worldwide Church of God)
Burns - Christendom and the Drink Curse (1875)
DeWitt - What Does the Bible Say about Alcohol
Educator Guide to Prevent & Reduce Underage Drinking
Emerson - A Lay Thesis on Bible Wines (1902)
errick - 100 Questions & Answers about Alcoholism
Field - Oinos_A Discussion of the Bible Wine Question (1883)
Galanter - Alcohol Problems in Adolescents and Young Adults
Galanter - Alcoholism and Women
Gross - The Juicy Truth of Biblical Wine
Harrison - Alcohol Problems in the Community
Holt - Alcohol, A Social and Cultural History
Lackey - The Bible and Wine
Lees - The Bible Wine Question-The Answer to the Unanswerable (1876)
Lessa - Living with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
Peters - Alcohol Misuse, A European Perspective
Stevenson - Religion and Rum (1885)
Tektonics - Wine, Alcohol, and the Bible
Thayer - Communion Wine and the Bible Temperance (1869)
Tyree - What Does the Bible Really Say about Wine
Wasson - Religion and Drink (1914)
Wikipedia - Christianity and Alcohol
Wine in the Bible (Christian Churches of God)

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