Footprintz - Escape Yourself (2013)

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Footprintz - Escape Yourself (2013)

Footprintz - Escape Yourself (2013)
Footprintz | Escape Yourself (2013)
Release:2013 | MP3 | 320 kbps | 149 mb
Genre: HouseNu DiscoElectroElectronic

1. The Things That Last Forever (04:20)
2. Heaven Felt Like Night (06:52)
3. Utopia (04:51)
4. The Favourite Game (06:18)
5. Private Enemy (04:21)
6. The Invisible (04:43)
7. Uncertain Change (06:42)
8. Zanzibar (05:39)
9. Dangers Of The Mouth (04:46)
10. The Fear Of Numbers (05:12)
11. The Nightingale (05:50)
12. Keys To The Sky (05:09)
"When I was 18 I had those albums you'd escape with. When we were making the Footprintz record that was really our aim - to produce an album that kids can listen and escape to".
Every journey has its beginningand as the opening chords of β€?The Things That Last Forever' give way to a hypnotic basslineyou know you're on your way. Basslines form a key part of the Footprintz soundacting as an anchor from which vocal melodiessynth lines and warm chords weave around in an often psychedelic style. Debut singleβ€?Utopia'exemplifies this ethic with its synth flirtations and optimistic vocal musings adding layers upon a solid core.
As Clarian and Addy say"We wanted to work around a concept of escaping the confused years of growing up. 16-25those are the years where you're figuring yourself outgoing through the motions of meeting different people and finding new things". Tracks like β€?Uncertain Change' and recent single β€?Dangers of The Mouth' tackle this subject head onfocusing on the insecurities that arise from growing up. β€?Zanzibar' takes a lighter approachtouching on the innocence of youth that brings with itits own simple pleasures.
What becomes apparent throughout β€?Escape Yourself' is a real craftsmanship to Footprintz's songwriting. Each track reveals a little more on each listenaided by the slick production workdone predominantly by the guys themselves in their Montreal bunker studio full of analogue equipmentodd instruments and a fridge laden with β€?special brownies'; which goes some way to explain a noirish-haze that permeates through the album.
Having met at an afterparty aged 15Clarian North & Adam Hunter have experienced most of their adult life together. β€?Escape Yourself' distills their experienceswraps them in a warm analogue fuzz and shares them with the listener. You join them on their journeyand deep down they hope it helps you shape your own.

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