Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

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Direct Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)
Year: 2013 | PC | English | Developer: Double Fine Productions | Publisher: Double Fine Productions | 4.81 GB
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

Eddie Riggs was a simple worker, traveled with touring musicians. When it was necessary to set up a guitar, or build a scene, all turned to him. But he wants big Eddie, in his soul lived heavy metal! And once the simple dreams of working for a better share of implemented. Though not quite the way he expected ...

As a result of the accident hurt Eddie and his blood dripped on the belt buckle, which is when he gave his father. The buckle was a little different, and as a result the hero moved into a different world, totally wild and very familiar at the same time. After all, he was supposedly tailored from album art to music in the style of heavy metal! However, the universe in which he found himself Eddie was miserable. Evil Emperor with an army of demons enslaved in it almost all the people and sluggish resistance does not have to join forces to fight back. He just did not have a decent leader, just such as Eddie!

Brutal Legend - this is non-standard, completely insane project of the famous game developer Tim Schafer. His new creation, are imbued with the spirit of heavy metal, is dedicated to all fans of the music and the extraordinary, extravagant games. Piece-work!

In the heat of battle. Brutal Legend - a first-class thriller, in which you are waiting for a grand battle. In close combat, Eddie relies on his battle-ax, and at a distance attacking enemies with ... a guitar! Still in possession of the hero is an unusual car, which will also be a good weapon for you. And all of these tools of destruction, in addition you can improve!
World from the cover. Universe in which you find yourself with Eddie, created under the influence of music albums in the style of heavy metal. There is a mountain of guitar amps and growing out of the ground vehicle engine V8. This world is not like anything, you had seen earlier in the games!
Celebrities in the game. In Brutal Legend collected huge collection of the best hits of heavy metal from the legendary group, but other than the characteristic of music in the game there are also some well-known artists. So, Eddie says the popular voice actor, comedian and singer Jack Black, and along with him scoring participated Rob Halford, Lemmy Kilmister, Lita Ford and other stars.
Stunning online battles. Take part in the grand battles in Battle of the Bands, where the musical thriller meets strategist Fandango, as well as an ingenious game PsychoNauts.iey. Fight your own colleagues and managers, the main goal - to survive!
An acknowledged master. Tim Schafer's name is well known in the gaming industry. It was his penned hits imperishable Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, as well as an ingenious game PsychoNauts.
License music. In Brutal Legend hear some of the best songs in the genre of rock and heavy metal of all time.

Features RePack'a:

* Do not recoded / cut unused clips, other languages
* Sewn Update # 3:
* DLC:
"Hammer of Infinite Fate"
"Tears of the Hextadon"
* Installation time ~ 10 min

Breakdown into 2xDVD5:
Disk#1: autorun.inf, Setup.exe, Setup.ico, bl-data1.bin, bl-data2.bin, bl-data3.bin, bl-data4.bin
Disk#2: bl-data5.bin, Soft

System requirements:
-Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz
-RAM: 1 GB
-Graphics card: GeForce 220 / Radeon 4550 / Intel HD 3000 Graphics, with 512 MB of graphics memory
-Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
-Hard disk: 8.5 GB

Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

Brutal Legend Update 3 (2013/ENG/Repack by R.G. Origami)

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