ESET NOD32 LiveCD/LiveUSB v7918 [Jan 2013]

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Direct ESET NOD32 LiveCD/LiveUSB v7918 [Jan 2013]

ESET NOD32 LiveCD/LiveUSB v7918 [Jan 2013]
ESET NOD32 LiveCD/LiveUSB v7918 [22.01.2013] | 205 Mb

ESET NOD32 LiveCD / USB - an anti-virus boot disk on the basis of Linux and of ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus that allows guaranteed to remove viruses, potentially dangerous files and sophisticated malicious software, which can not be rendered harmless in normal operation of the operating system Windows.Krome addition, ESET NOD32 LiveCD can also recover Windows system in case of failure or damage due to viruses.

To create ESET NOD32 LiveCD / USB need to download an ISO-image eset_sysrescue.iso and burn it to a CD / DVD-ROM or USB-flash drive, consistently performing steps according to the instructions.

The procedure to download ESET NOD32 LiveCD
1). Download the ISO image of the LiveCD.
2). Burn the ISO image to a CD-ROM
- Added "boot disk ESET» on CD (DVD)-ROM:
In Windows 7/8 is the ability to record disc images in ISO format regular operating system tools. If you use another operating system Windows, you have to use additional software to burn ISO-images (many of which are free).

• In Windows 7/8 to record ISO-image to a CD (DVD)-ROM, follow these steps:
- Right-click on the file do with the extension. Iso and choose the option "Open with" -> "The writer is a disk Windows»;
- When the dialog opens burning, you need to select the drive you will
used for recording, insert the disc;
- Press the "Save". After some time, depending on the file size of the image and ISO-speed recording, the disc will be ready and you can use it for other purposes.
2 a). or USB flash-drive with ESET Live-USB Creator (present in the archive):
- Enter the path to the image file;
- Specify the USB flash-drive, which will be made a record of the image;
- Click the "Create a USB». Wait for the window "Create ESET-Live-USB complete.
3). Include in the BIOS to boot from CD / DVD-ROM or USB flash.
4). Put in a CD with a recorded manner LiveCD or USB flash-nakopitel.v USB port.
5). Restart the computer.
6). Wait for the drive and start cleaning the system from viruses.

How to download ESET LiveCD:
1). ESET live-CD Graphics mode - this shows how to download a full desktop where you can run a scan on your computer, go online and take other actions;
2). ESET live-CD Copy to RAM - this way to download all the files first copies the disk into memory, and then will load in the first mode, working without the CD (DVD)-ROM or USB flash-drive;
3). ESET live-CD Text mode - this way of downloading allows you to work from the command line;
4). Run Memtest utility - this method will run the load test the computer's memory for errors.

The best way is to download mode «ESET live-CD Graphics mode» - this involves a complete desktop and you can run a scan on your computer.

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