Churchill (The Great Courses 807) (Audiobook)

Direct Churchill (The Great Courses 807) (Audiobook)

Churchill (The Great Courses 807) (Audiobook)

Churchill (The Great Courses 807) (Audiobook) By Professor J. Rufus Fears
2001 | 6 hours and 15 mins | ISBN: n/a | MP3 80 kbps | 225 MB

Winston Churchill is arguably the greatest leader of the 20th century, and one of the greatest democratic statesmen ever. His friend, colleague, and esteemed political foe Clement Attlee memorialized him as "the greatest Englishman of our timeI think the greatest citizen of the world of our time." Churchill is eminently worthy of study because he is proof that a single individual can change the course of history for the better and make of life a blessed and noble thing, despite public and private trials too numerous to name.

A Champion of Freedom

At an awful hour when freedom and right stood in mortal peril before tyranny and brutal terror, Churchill, with his great-souled courage, genius, and eloquence, rallied the British people: "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ' This was their finest hour.' "

He stood alone against the Nazi onslaught. And from there he led his people to victory, which puts us all in his debt.

Who was this extraordinary man, and how did he accomplish this amazing feat? How was it that this achievement was just a single part of a long and fruitful life?

A Life of Stunning Accomplishment

These lectures will introduce you to:
A successful politician who won his seat in Parliament at age 26
A statesman of vision and principle
A brilliant orator who invoked timeless concepts of valor, honor, and freedom when the civilized world needed them most
A brave and resourceful soldier in battles large and small
A gifted public servant who helped his country in a variety of key cabinet posts, never shirking a tough assignment or dodging a tough issue
A military innovator and strategist who outpaced his contemporaries in his grasp of the impact of technology on warfare
An eminent bestselling author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, whose biography of Marlborough has been called the greatest historical work of the 20th century, and who had already become a millionaire through his writings when he took his seat in Parliament
A gifted painter of landscapes whose artwork, which hangs today in major museums, brought him a considerable income
A loving son, faithful husband, and doting father who won the devotion of his children.

Course Lecture Titles
1. Heritage and Destiny
2. Young Churchill
3. On the Empire’s Frontier
4. Political Beginnings
5. Churchill and Controversy
6. Post-War Challenges
7. In the Wilderness
8. The Nazi Menace
9. Rallying the Nation
10. The Tide of War Turns
11. Champion of Freedom
12. The Legacy of Churchill

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