CMIVFX Houdini FlockSystem

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Direct CMIVFX Houdini FlockSystem

CMIVFX Houdini FlockSystem

CMIVFX Houdini FlockSystem | 1.71 GB
Take particle animation to a new
level by integrating proven mathematical formulas to better simulate
nature. Imagine thousands of birds in the air, an army of orcs marching
on the ground or a school of fish fleeing from a predator. This
training will teach the viewer the basic principles of a multi-agent
system and how to create crowd simulations in Houdini.

This training focuses on a basic concept of flocking simulations:
steering behaviors. The algorithms created by Craig Reynolds can be used
to simulate the movements seen in flocks of birds or fish.

This step-by-step training video introduces how steering behaviors work
and how one can create complex simulations just by combining simple
behaviors. The viewer will learn the common behaviors like "separation"
or "cohesion" and how they interact with the agentís mind.

As a bonus this tutorial comes with a powerful library of a multi-agent
system which you can use to create flocking and crowd simulations.

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