Diallo Frazier Ghetto Blocks

Direct Diallo Frazier Ghetto Blocks

Diallo Frazier Ghetto Blocks

Diallo Frazier Ghetto Blocks
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Diallo "Dale" Frazier may be a short, unassuming man who doesn't look dangerous at all yet, he was among the nation's most elite gang "enforcers" for all of his adult life. He grew up in the violence of the Chicago ghettos, and earned his way to the top by being better than everyone else at fighting. And nobody understands better than Frazier that gang life is NOTHING like you think it is. If Hollywood and MTV ever depicted the reality of it, you'd laugh. Too extreme, you'd think that no one could live in that kind of violence. And the truth is it is violent. And, a lot of people DON'T live through it. Upload by bidesigner
Frazier's married now with kids. He's escaped gang life, after years as one of the most feared and respected "soldiers" in Los Angeles, he found God. He pried himself away from the pure adrenaline rush of street life where death was always a strike away, and the consequences of an insult was maiming and horrific violence.

Now he's trying to give people simple, easy to learn and devastatingly effective fighting info to help protect themselves and their families. He's giving back and what he delivers is nothing short of astonishing.

Vol.1. Ghetto Boxing
In this video, you will learn:

-Ghetto Boxing(Block 1)

-Fainting Hook
-Head Fighting
-Straight Cross
-Boxing Knees
-Bum Rush
-Uppercut and Hook-n-Elbow

Vol.2. Moving bodies
In this video, you will learn:

- Moving Bodies (Block 2)
- Foot work (Block 3)
- Guard your grill (Block 4)
- Guard breaks (Block 5)

Vol.3. Improvised Weapons
In this video, you will discover how to use improvised weapons such as pocket change, a belt, car keys, and a car antenna to defend yourself in an attack.

Vol.4. Putting it all toghether.
In this final video, Diallo puts all that you've learned together. He'll demonstrate "Playing Bodies", "Slap Boxing", how to act after being grabbed or hit, and more.

NOTE: all videos are MP4 formats

Diallo Frazier Ghetto Blocks

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